Terms of Use


Last Updated: May 20, 2019


Welcome to use “Hanwei” software and related services!


In order to serve you better, please read the "Hanwei User Agreement" carefully (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement"). Before start using the software and related services, please read and fully understand this Agreement, especially the terms of disclaimer or limitation of liability, terms of rights licensing and information use, agreement to the terms of opening and using special single services, terms of legal application and dispute resolution, etc. Among them, he terms of disclaimer or limitation of liability and other important content will be in bold form to remind you that you should focus on reading. If you are under 18 years old, please read and fully understand this Agreement with the legal guardian, and download this software with the consent of the legal guardian.


Unless you fully accept all the contents of the Agreement, you will be limited to register, log in, use the "Hanwei" software, or use "Hanwei" service in any way, or access to any service provided by the "Hanwei" software (referred to as "Use" in the Agreement). If you use "Hanwei" software and related services, you will be deemed to have fully understood this Agreement and undertake to accept its constraints as a party to the Agreement.


  1. The scope of application







  1. Use “Hanwei” software and related services









3.  About "Account"











4. Users’ Behavior Specification


4.1 You shall be responsible for your using behavior of this product and related services. Unless permitted by law or with prior written permission of Company, you may not use "Hanwei" software and related services as following:


4.1.3 Reverse engineering, reverse assembly, compilation or other ways to try to find the source code of “Hanwei” software.

4.1.4 Malicious registration of “Hanwei” accounts, including but not limited to frequent, batch registration accounts.

4.1.5 Violation of laws and regulations, the Agreement, the relevant rules of Company and other acts that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others.


In any case, if Company has reason to believe that any of your actions violate or may violate the above agreement, Company can independently judge and handle, and at any time have the right to terminate the provision of services to Users with any prior notice, and pursue the relevant responsibilities.


Users should consciously abide by constitutional laws, regulations, public order, social morality, socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, moral customs and information authenticity, etc. Users shall not produce, copy, publish or disseminate information prohibited by laws and administrative regulations. 


5. Data Usage Specification of “Hanwei


(1)Copy, read and adopt the information content of "Hanwei " software and related services for commercial purposes including but not limited to publicity, increased reading, browsing, etc.

(2)Display in channels other than the "Hanwei "software and related services source pages without authorization after editing, sorting out and arranging the information content of "Hanwei "software and related services;

(3)Use any form of identification method including but not limited to special identification, special code, etc. by oneself or to assist third parties to have adverse effects on information or content of "Hanwei" software and related services, such as data, reading guidance, transfer, hijacking, etc.;

(4)Other illegal acts of accessing to information content of "Hanwei " software and related services.


6. Settlement of Breach of Contract


In view of your violation of this Agreement or other terms of service, Company has the right to independently judge and take such measures as warning beforehand, refusing to publish, stopping the transmission of information immediately, deleting posts, short-term prohibition of speaking, restricting some or all functions of the account until the account is permanently closed. Company has the right to announce the results of the processing and to decide whether to resume use according to the actual situation. Relevant records will be kept for suspected violations of laws and regulations and suspected offences, will report to the relevant competent authorities and cooperate with them in their investigations according to law.


7. Change, Interruption and Termination of Services




8. Intellectual Property








9. Disclaimer


9.1.1 Company is fully suited to the User's use requirements;

9.1.2 Company is uninterrupted, timely, safe, reliable or error-free; any software, services or other materials acquired by Users through Company meet Users' expectations;

9.1.3 Any errors in the software will be corrected.





10. Others